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Types of Materials for Delivery in Wichita, KS

We provide delivery for our materials to Wichita and surrounding areas.

Limestone Base Rock Delivery in Wichita

Limestone base rock is ideal for new driveways, new pads and portable building pads.

1 in. grey limestone finish rock delivery in Wichita

Cheapest material option for a finished driveway look. Light pastel grey in color, with some cream mix. 80%/20% mix. Most popular choice. 

White Hard Rock Delivery in Wichita

Low wear, finish driveway rock. One of the hardest driveway rocks available. Very white in color when dry. Sparkles in sunlight. More durable than limestone and low dust.

Grey Hard Rock Delivery in Wichita

Hardest stone available. Consistent light grey in color. Lowest dust second to recycled asphalt. Premium choice in drive material.

Recycled Asphalt Delivery in Wichita

Exceptional properties over any rock. Low to no dust. No tracking, packs tight. Denser material and sheds water. If you can handle the color, it would be the best parking pad you can get.

Topsoil/Fill Dirt Delivery in Wichita

Topsoil delivery in Wichita, KS

Premium shredded topsoil for gardens, top dressing lawns and flower pots. Premium choice for growth and spreading.


Fill Dirt delivery in Wichita, KS

Building pads, filling holes or ponds. Clumpy. Cheap fill option.

Rip Rap - Large stone Delivery in Wichita

Available in many sizes. Common sizes are 1 to 3 inch, 3 to 6 inches, and 4 to 7 inches. Ideal for pond edging, culvert installs and heavy equipment parking base.

Decorative Rock Delivery in Wichita

Local decorative egg river rock. From pea gravel to Colorado boulders (8 inch). Good for flower beds and rock beds.

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