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Driveway Gravel Wichita, KS

Driveway Gravel Delivery in Wichita, KS

We offer an impressive collection of specialized supplies for all your construction needs, including driveway gravel delivery. We have a variety of gravel to choose from including limestone base rock, 1 in. grey limestone finish rock, white hard rock, and grey hard rock.


Limestone base rock is ideal for new driveways, new pads and portable building pads.


1 in. grey limestone finish rock is the cheapest material option for a finished driveway look. Light pastel grey in color, with some cream mix. 80%/20% mix. Most popular choice. 


White hard rock has a low wear, finish driveway rock. One of the hardest driveway rocks available. Very white in color when dry. Sparkles in sunlight. More durable than limestone and low dust. 


Grey hard rock is the hardest stone available. Consistent light grey in color. Lowest dust second to recycled asphalt. Premium choice in drive material.

Serving Locations for our Driveway Gravel

We provide driveway gravel delivery services in Butler County KS, Mulvane KS, Goddard KS, Augusta KS, Colwich KS, Bel Aire KS, Kechi KS, Belle Plaine KS, Valley Center KS , Derby KS, Haysville KS, and surrounding areas.

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